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  Bulk SMS and Mobile Messaging Connection methods


Gateway Connections (APIs)
RedRabbit offers clients that operate their own mobile messaging systems, or who use certain legacy system, the possibility of connecting to its gateway via the RedRabbit mobile messaging API (Application Programming Interface), which makes the integration of their systems with RedRabbit gateway fast, simple, and reliable.
RedRabbit mobile messaging API allows you to integrate any front-end to send SMS/EMS messages to your contacts database, or to configure your database to send event-triggered messages.
RedRabbit mobile messaging supports SMPP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, XML, FTP and Com Object

  • SMPP
    RedRabbit supports connections via SMPP using the global SMPP 3.3, 3.4 standard.

  • HTTP
    RedRabbit supports the HTTP connection which is one of the simpler and widely used connection methods. Both HTTP POST or GET are supported.

  • XML
    RedRabbit supports XML over HTTP connections.

  • COM Application
    RedRabbit's COM objects enable you to connect and integrate your desktop Windows-based and/or web-based applications with our SMS gateway.

Web application
RedRabbit's web interface enables you to immediately start sending SMS messages - you only pay for the messages that you send.
RedRabbit rich web interface solution includes the following features:

  • Compose Instant Messages
  • Compose Scheduled Messages (with and/or without Recurrence)
  • Address Book Management (Individual Contacts and Distribution Lists)
  • Message Tracking
  • Account Statistics
  • Accounts Administration

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