bulk sms gateway
bulk sms gateway
  Redrabbit Bulk SMS and SMS messaging prices

  • RedRabbit mobile messaging and bulk sms services are a prepaid service.
  • We connect to many international SMSC's and we purchase bulk volumes from networks and suppliers throughout the world. This enables us to offer more competitive pricing to our customers than other suppliers.
  • Minimum bulk sms purchase is 10,000 SMS's
  • No set up fees
  • No Monthly fees or hidden costs
  • No time limitation for sending the messages

RedRabbit mobile messaging and bulk smsCharges and Pricing

Volume (messages)

Message Price (Euros)
  10,000 0.039
  50,000 0.038
  100,000 0.036
  300,000 0.035
  500,000 0.034
  750,000 0.033
  1,000,000 0.032
  Above Negotiable

Price per message excludes termination fees. Some carriers charge an extra fee for terminating messages on their network


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